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Organizations bring Katrice in because her powerful message
gets them results!

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Leadership Presentation

Igniting inspiration, fostering resilience and unlocking potential—
one powerful message at a time.

Katrice is a highly acclaimed legal expert, accomplished writer, trusted advisor and successful businesswoman with an impressive track record of over 25 years of successful partnership with business organizations.

As a successful minority woman who has excelled in a highly competitive industry, Katrice is now devoted to empowering organizations to achieve heightened productivity and profitability. She inspires employees to unlock their full potential by adopting a mindset of resilience, self-awareness and outstanding leadership thereby making a significant contribution to the overall growth of their organizations.

Her programs and presentations are uniquely designed to best meet the needs of your organization.  Schedule a complimentary discovery call today to get started!


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Resilience Revolution:
Rising Above Challenges, Reclaiming Control 

Business leaders understand the importance of having team members and employees who can quickly adapt to new concepts and conquer challenges effortlessly.

Katrice's presentation will inspire your employees to maintain their focus and productivity at the highest level, regardless of external factors or personal stuggles.


This session will also equip your team with the essential resources and practical strategies to excel and see actionable results when faced with challenges and adversity. 


Conquering Fear:
Moving from
Comfort Zone to Success Zone  

Fear is a natural emotion that all individuals encounter. This presentation is designed to equip employees with the tools and strategies necessary to understand, manage, and overcome fear, enabling them to reach their full potential and thrive in the workplace.

Katrice will provide employees with practical techniques for effectively managing fear and anxiety in high-pressure situations.


From mindfulness and visualization to cognitive reframing and stress management, attendees will discover a range of tools to help them stay calm, focused, and resilient in the face of adversity.

Participants will also learn how to step outside their comfort zones, take calculated risks, and pursue their goals with conviction.


Corporate Wellness: Nurturing Success Through Self-Care

This dynamic and engaging presentation is designed to empower corporate professionals with practical strategies for prioritizing their well-being in the workplace. In today's fast-paced and demanding corporate environment, it's easy to neglect self-care in pursuit of professional success. However, in this presentation Katrice highlights the importance of self-care as a foundational element of personal and organizational success.

With a focus on measurable outcomes and continuous improvement, this presentation equips attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to foster a culture of wellness and achieve sustained success in the corporate arena.


By investing in self-care, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce and create a thriving workplace where employees are supported, engaged, and fulfilled.


Corporate Compliance Training

Katrice helps businesses and institutions foster a culture of inclusion and equity by successfully addressing today’s complex and sensitive interpersonal workplace issues. 

Offering engaging and effective consulting services and workshops designed to help people achieve better communication and understanding, including:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training 

  • Unconscious Bias Training

  • Cultural Competency Training

  • Sensitivity Training

  • Anti-Harassment Training

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Building Bridges

Training Program

Our signature, comprehensive DEI training program

The Building Bridges Training Program is Katrice's signature program designed to empower participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to foster a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture.


Through interactive learning modules, engaging discussions, and practical exercises, participants will explore key concepts and develop strategies for promoting a more inclusive environment within their organization.

Our program will help your employees learn the art of taking extreme ownership in their daily performance. Katrice's message is one that will challenge your employees and team to grow, and when they grow, the organization grows!

The Building Bridges Training Curriculm includes:

  • Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    • Defining diversity, equity, and inclusion and exploring the business case for diversity and the benefits of an inclusive workplace culture

  • Building Cultural Competency

    • Exploring different dimensions of diversity, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability

    • Learning strategies for effective cross-cultural communication and collaboration

  • Mitigating Bias and Microaggressions

    • Understanding the concept of implicit bias and identifying common forms of microaggressions and their harmful effects

    • Learning techniques for interrupting bias and fostering a more inclusive environment

  • Inclusive Leadership

    • Developing inclusive leadership practices and behaviors

    • Creating a culture of psychological safety where all voices are valued and heard

  • Allyship and Advocacy

    • Learning how to be an effective ally and advocate for marginalized individuals and groups

    • Identifying opportunities to use privilege and influence to support diversity and equity initiatives

  • Building Inclusive Workplace Culture

    • Implementing inclusive hiring and talent management practices

    • Creating policies and practices that promote equity and mitigate bias

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