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Creating outstanding leaders, in and out the classrooms



Road to Success Program

The Road to Success Program is a dynamic two-part program designed to empower and inspire your students.


Fall Session

The program kicks off with a campus visit in the Fall, igniting a spark of leadership within your students as they embark on a new academic year. Through engaging and interactive presentations, Katrice equip students with the tools and mindset needed to excel both in their academic pursuits and student development.  This presentation can easily be partnered with your school's current orientation programs.  







Spring Session

In the Spring, Katrice returns to help students focus on academic strategies to promote organization and effective study habits. This includes interactive workshops on time management, goal setting, and creating personalized study plans tailored to each student's learning style.

Katrice provides practical tips on how to stay focused, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and cultivate strong study habits that will lead to academic success. Additionally, she offer guidance on stress management techniques, mindfulness practices, and self-care strategies to help students avoid burnout and thrive throughout the semester.

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Innovative Presentations and Workshops 



Empowering Students

of Today:

Promoting a Positive Mindset 

From achieving academic success to empowering college students to achieve their full potential, the power of mindset cannot be underestimated. Katrice specializes in equipping students with the essential skills to develop the confidence, resilience and adaptability to become successful.

  • Fostering a positive mindset to enhance student motivation and engagement

  • Equipping students with resilience tools to navigate academic challenges

  • Cultivating a growth mindset to foster a culture of continuous learning and development

  • Empowering students to set meaningful goals and pursue their aspirations with confidence



Creating Leaders of Tomorrow:

Teaching Leadership Skills 

Leadership plays a crucial role in shaping the college experience and equipping students for future success. Leadership skills transcend academic accomplishments, offering students a comprehensive set of tools that can be applied to both their personal and professional lives.

  • Cultivating leadership skills in and out of the classroom

  • Navigating personal growth and self-discovery during college

  • Techniques for boosting self-confidence and assertiveness

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome



From Campus to Career:
A Strategic Guide for
Post-Graduate Success

Choosing a career is one of the greatest yet most overwhelming decisions students will make. Katrice helps students identify effective techniques and strategies that guarantee success in the job market. 

  • Techniques to successfully transition from college to the professional world

  • Develop targeted career goals and action plans

  • Identify actions students can begin now, while in school, to give them the competitive edge in the job market

Raynald Revolus,

Loyola University Chicago

Her ability to connect with the audience was remarkable. The stories she shared and the insights she provided were not only relatable but also incredibly empowering."

Jacqueline Jasinski,

Elmhurst University

"Wow! Katrice brought a whole new energy to our campus. She was not only inspiring but totally relatable. I left feeling motivated and ready to tackle anything. Thanks for the motivation! 

Daisy Muschamp,

Northern Illinois University

Katrice's tips on acheiving success and leadership were amazing and left me feeling empowered. Thanks for the inspiration!  #LeadershipGoals

Essential Training for Faculty and Staff 


Compliance Training for

College Faculty and Staff Members

Katrice helps colleges and universities foster a culture of inclusion and equity by successfully addressing today’s complex and sensitive interpersonal issues.

Offering engaging and effective consulting training and workshops designed to help university faculty and staff achieve better communication and understanding, including:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training 

  • Unconscious Bias Training

  • Cultural Competency Training

  • Sensitivity Training

  • Anti-Harassment Training

*Trainings available in-person, virtual and on-demand.

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